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I dream to envision the design, and work as if it's due the same day. By Producing high quality designs that are appealing and affective to any company or organization. Offering skills that will bring outsourced design jobs back in house. Applying the necessary knowledge to produce multiple design concepts within a strict timely manner. Saving each peace in it's correct format, with the capabilities to be manipulate for print or web ready files. A well rounded designer with multiple skills even still with the readyness to learn more.

  • Design is intelligence made visible.
  • When people ask me what photography equipment I use – I say my eyes.
  • Buying Adobe suit doesn't make you a designer, it makes you a yearly subscriber.

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Ever since I can remember I have studied some form of artistic skill.

- Sugar Shane Mosley

- Sonar Energy

- CNP Luxury Transportation Inc.

- Jhon Francois

- A Cracked Almond

- Midas Realtor Group

- Rapper MD

- Divine Creation Hair Salon

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- BOSH Logistics

- Jayco Marketing

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